Astralinks Uplink Facilities

Astralinks has two custom-made, truck – based 2.4m Ku-band SNGs available for deployment in Australia and one Ku-band 1.9m flyaway available for deployment domestically and internationally. Both trucks include dual 450 watt HPAs, dual upconverters, onboard generators and UPS’ for full redundancy. The trucks offer extensive monitoring and distribution capabilities for HD, SDI and analogue vision, as well as embedded and analogue audio with support for Dolby E audio.

In keeping with the demands of the television industry, Astralinks now has one truck fully equipped for High Definition transmissions.  The system includes the following equipment:

For multi-channel delivery we can offer a fully-redundant multiplexer system which delivers up to 4 circuits simultaneously.

Production Capabilities

Astralinks’ production capabilities set it apart from competitors, with the trucks carrying 16 channel audio mixers and full comms facilities for use in live cross situations. This includes a radio IFB system for talent, and a separate UHF radio system for production comms.  Both trucks have a selection of mobile phones on different networks and satellite phones for very remote locations.

Upon request the trucks can be supplied with an 8 input vision mixer and associated production monitoring to allow a simple OB to be produced directly from the trucks. This can make use of your own ENG cameras, or we can hire in triax cameras and VTRs on your behalf.

For more technical information about Astralinks’ SNGs and their capabilities, please send us an email on


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The Sunrise Weather crew.
The Oodnadatta Track, South Australia.
Fraser Island, Queensland.